About HawaiianMiles

What is HawaiianMiles?

HawaiianMiles is the loyalty reward program for Hawaiian Airlines. You can earn HawaiianMiles when you fly on Hawaiian Airlines and partner airlines, stay at participating hotels, use the Hawaiian Airlines credit or debit card, and shop and dine with participating partners. You can redeem HawaiianMiles for flights on Hawaiian Airlines or partner airlines, or for gift certificates to select merchants. Learn More.

Is my HawaiianMiles membership Free?

Absolutely! There are no membership fees and no hidden charges. Join Today!

How do I earn HawaiianMiles from participating partners?

To earn HawaiianMiles you must be a HawaiianMiles member. Members can shop and earn at participating online retailers by logging into their HawaiianMiles account in the HawaiianMiles eMarket or by logging into their HawaiianMiles account on their MileFinder.

Members may also earn miles by providing their HawaiianMiles number to various online and in-store partners or by using their Hawaiian Airlines credit card to pay for purchases at participating partners.

As a HawaiianMiles member, how do I get started shopping?

It’s easy! Simply click "HawaiianMiles Partners" on the left navigation to find in-store HawaiianMiles offers near you. You may search by category or location, or view the directory.

To shop our online HawaiianMiles partners, click on "eMarket Partners" in the left side rail, where you can also search by category and view the directory. Select the partner that you are interested in shopping with and click on "partner details" to learn more about the mileage award they offer. You will be prompted to sign in to your HawaiianMiles account prior to shopping at an eMarket partner in order to earn miles. You can also shop the eMarket through the HawaiianAirlines MileFinder

How can I find a specific HawaiianMiles partner?

It’s easy to find our partners on the web. Simply enter the merchant name or a keyword in the search box at the top of the page and press enter. To see a complete list of all partners, go to the left navigation and click on "Partner Directory" under "HawaiianMiles partners" for in-store offers, and "Partner Directory" under "eMarket Partners" for online partners.

How and when do I receive my HawaiianMiles from making a purchase from a participating partner?

HawaiianMiles earned on qualifying purchases will automatically post to your HawaiianMiles account within 1 to 6 weeks.

How are HawaiianMiles at participating partners calculated?

Most offers are calculated on a per dollar spent basis, and may exclude shipping & handling charges and sales tax. In some cases, rewards are a flat miles amount regardless of the total purchase price. Please refer to the partner details page for each partner’s offers and restrictions.

Why do I earn different amounts of HawaiianMiles from different partners?

Each partner determines their own mileage offer. We negotiate the highest level of miles possible from each partner.

What are Cardholder Exclusive Offers?

In order to earn miles from a merchant marked as a "cardholder exclusive" you must use your Hawaiian Airlines credit or debit card to make your purchase. If you make a purchase with a Hawaiian Airlines debit card you must select the credit payment option to earn the bonus HawaiianMiles. The "cardholder exclusive" offers include the 1 mile per dollar that you earn on all purchases with the Hawaiian Airlines credit card.

Can I earn miles when I order by phone?

Phone orders will not earn miles from our eMarket partners. Other HawaiianMiles partners may offer miles on phone orders, please refer to the merchant detail pages for each merchant’s offer and restrictions.

If I have a question about my purchase, whom should I contact?

If you have a question or concern regarding your purchase, contact the partner's customer service department. A customer service phone number or e-mail address should be available on the partner's web site. If it’s a question specifically regarding your mileage credit and it has been at least 45 days since your purchase and you still have not seen the miles post to your account, you may contact the HawaiianMiles Service Center at (877) 426-4537. Be sure to state that your call is in regards to a partner mileage credit. You must have your HawaiianMiles number readily available.

It has been over 45 days since I made a purchase and I still do not see my HawaiianMiles. Now what?

If you have allowed at least 45 days for processing and no miles have been added to your HawaiianMiles account from your purchase, please contact the HawaiianMiles Service Center at (877) 426-4537. Be sure to state that your call is in regards to a partner mileage credit. You must have your HawaiianMiles number readily available. You will need to provide the partner's name, transaction date, transaction amount, and confirmation number (when applicable). We will research the status of your miles and respond as soon as possible. In some cases you may be asked for supporting documents.

About Map Search

How does the "Map Search" feature work?

First, start by clicking on "Map Search" in the left navigation bar. Then choose your area of interest, and your results will populate automatically. To see a complete list of partner locations simply choose "All Locations" in the Map Search drop down menu.

About eMarket

What is eMarket?

The eMarket is a collection of hundreds of online stores that offer miles to HawaiianMiles members for their online purchases. The mileage award varies by merchant, see merchant detail page for offer. In order to earn miles, you must be logged into your HawaiianMiles account via the eMarket, or the Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder on your web browser.

Can I earn miles at an eMarket partner's physical location?

While some eMarket partners also have stores, in order to earn miles from purchases, members must shop online.

I just realized that you're partnered with my favorite online retailer and I would like to get retroactive credits. How do I do that?

Unfortunately, you must first log in to your HawaiianMiles account in the eMarket or the MileFinder prior to making a purchase from an eMarket partner in order to qualify for mileage credits. As a result, we are unable to assist with retroactive credit requests for past purchases.

Do I earn HawaiianMiles if I purchase gift cards and/or use discount or promotion codes when shopping at HawaiianMiles eMarket partners?

There is no guarantee that a purchase of a gift card or a purchase made using a gift card will earn HawaiianMiles. In addition, miles are typically not awarded when combined with other discounts or promotions. Please refer to the individual partner’s terms and conditions for details.

About Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder

What is the Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder?

The Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder is a free, safe, and easy-to-use downloadable toolbar that allows HawaiianMiles members to earn miles for searching the web and shopping our online eMarket. The MileFinder also features convenient links to search exclusive Hawaiian Airlines credit card partner offers, eMarket partners, and other frequently visited areas on the HawaiianAirlines website such as Web Check In, Vacation Packages, etc. To download the MileFinder visit http://emarket.hawaiianair.com/toolbar_download and click "INSTALL".

How do I use the Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder?

Simply install the MileFinder and sign in to your HawaiianMiles account. Make sure to search the web in the space that says "Search and Earn Miles" on your toolbar and earn free miles! Also look out for the Pualani marker that will appear next to HawaiianMiles partners' websites and a message that will display when you can earn miles while shopping our online eMarket partners!

If I like to shop online is the MileFinder a good tool for me?

YES! The MileFinder will make sure that you see all of the mileage offers from our partners. Never miss another mile from your online shopping with the HawaiianMiles MileFinder.

I don't understand what all of the buttons and icons mean on the toolbar, can you help?

Yes! Click HERE to learn more about the buttons on the MileFinder.

Is the MileFinder compatible with my web browser?

The Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on PCs, and Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Mac computers.

The earning light on my MileFinder is yellow, what do I do?

A few merchants require you to click the yellow light on your MileFinder to activate the HawaiianMiles reward for your purchase. Once you click the yellow light it will bring down a slider directly under the MileFinder with another link to click, once you click this the light will turn green and you will earn HawaiianMiles on qualified purchases from the merchant.

The earning light didn't turn green on my MileFinder when I visited a site that I thought was part of the eMarket. Why?

A few merchants choose to participate in the eMarket and not the MileFinder, if you think you should be earning miles for shopping online at the retailer search the eMarket Directory and shop through the eMarket if necessary.

Why did my MileFinder mileage balance go back to zero?

Your search miles earned through the MileFinder are tracked monthly, on the 1st of every month your reward balance on the toolbar will reset itself to zero. For questions or issues with the MileFinder, click on 'Help' located in the drop down menu under the Hawaiian Airlines logo in the toolbar or contact our support team Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM PST (5PM to 1AM GMT) at our toll-free number: 1-877-292-0233.

Is there a maximum mileage earning for searches using the Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder?

Yes, you can earn a maximum of 1,000 miles per month for searches using the Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder.

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This number is printed on your MasterCard & Visa cards in the signature area of the back of the card. (it is the last 3 digits following the signature area of the card).

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